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HemiCAP Resurfacing System

What is a HemiCAP and is it right for me?

If you are a middle aged person age 40-70 and have pain in your joints then that is a good starting point for this discussion. As we get older, the pain in our joints becomes more of a nuisance and requires some attention. You may have tried simple things such as physical therapy and injections into your joints but they just aren't working anymore. You may have even tried a surgical procedure such as an arthroscopy or a microfracture procedure but the pain and ache has returned especially after basic activity such as sports or chasing the kids around. It may be time to investigate a more durable procedure such as the HemiCAP from Arthrosurface.
An easy way to describe the HemiCAP implant is to correlate it to a dental procedure. When you have a cavity in your tooth, the dentist places a small filling into the cavity. Your joint cartilage can develop small "cavities" or potholes that need to be addressed as they can cause pain. An orthopaedic surgeon, who is trained on the Arthrosurface system, can perform a minimally invasive surgery that will place a small implant into the defect into that "cavity" or defect which can alleviate your pain and make your cartilage into a smooth surface once again.

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Do you have pain in your joints that prevents you from doing the activities of daily life? Have you become frustrated because of the limitation of a painful joint? Has your doctor told you that you might need a joint replacement?

There may be a less invasive solution that might be right for you. But before we begin to explain a possible solution, it is important to understand the problem.

Here you will find a downloadable Patient Pamphlet that will assist with many of your questions on Joint Resurfacing and Preservation
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