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Information About Knee Replacement Surgery for Patients and Their Families

After your doctor recommends knee replacement surgery as an option, there is likely to be some apprehension as to what is involved and what you will experience. While talking to patients that have been through the procedure can be helpful, everyone's experience will be different. Make sure you get your questions answered and consider going to a joint class to gather more information and meet some of the people that will be providing the nursing care and therapy for you while in the hospital. Make sure understand what knee replacement surgery can reasonably be expected to accomplish and that your expectations for post operative function are in line with most outcomes. Getting the right information and knowing what to expect can help you approach your impending surgery in a less stressed state of mind.

This section of my website provides key facts about knee replacement surgery and related issues for patients and their families.

By browsing the site, you will be able to gather information about:

Various Knee Surgeries and Alternatives
Knee Anatomy and Function
Degenerative Changes Associated with Knee Arthritis
What to Expect on Surgery Day
Guidelines for Post-Operative Care and Rehabilitation
Getting back to Life After Knee Replacement

The long-term goal of a knee replacement is to provide pain relief, restore normal activities of daily living, and enhance your quality of life.

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